Villa Saint Tropez

Villa Saint Tropez

Villa Saint Tropez

Villa Saint Tropez

The Services

At Villa Saint-Tropez you will be pampered. We offer a wide range of free and optional services to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Your Concierge

You will be greeted on arrival at your Villa and will receive access to all the services. A concierge will be at your disposal to help organize any activities while you are our guest and to assist with any emergencies that might arise.

Pristine Conditions

Villa Saint-Tropez will be in pristine condition when you check in. If you stay with us for more than one week, we will change all towels and bed linens after the first week. If you stay more than two weeks, we will also do a general clean-up after week two.


For that rare cool day, Villa Saint-Tropez features both an interior fireplace and an exterior fire pit. A normal supply of firewood is provided. If you need extra wood, please ask your concierge for assistance.

See Pricing and Availability for details.

Pre-Filled Refrigerator

Our concierge will contact you prior to your arrival to see if you would like the refrigerator pre-filled. You’ll then be able to settle in to your Villa without worrying about your first meal.

See Pricing and Availability for details.

Experienced Baby Sitters

If you would like an evening on the town without the kids, we can recommend experienced baby sitters, mothers themselves, whom we have used personally.

Pets are NOT allowed on the premises, either inside or outside. If you still wish to bring your pet, please contact Calusa Pet Sitting Services.

See Pricing and Availability for details.


Good caterers abound in Boca Raton. You will find a list of the most frequently used ones in the tablet provided when you check in.

Useful Information

You will find a tablet in the house, which includes a wealth of useful information about neighborhood amenities, emergency numbers, as well as “What’s Playing” and “What’s Showing” guides, refreshed monthly. Guests can also use the tablet to access Spotify music streaming.

Rental Bicycles

Bicycles are available for rent from a local provider. Free delivery and pick-up service is included in the rental fee.

Information can be found in your house tablet.

Discover Boca Raton

Come explore this beautiful, affluent, culturally diverse community in the heart of South Florida